MyCCOF Certification and Supplier Management Improvements

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Date Published: 
January 8, 2014

CCOF has recently improved the MyCCOF: Supplier Management service and expanded our rollout. New improvements:

  1. MyCCOF: Supplier Management is now free to all client MyCCOF users. We have decided that all authorized contacts of CCOF-certified clients may use Supplier Management free of charge with their MyCCOF account. Simply click the “Supplier Management” link at the top of MyCCOF to stop chasing certificates and easily see the current certification status of CCOF-certified operations.
  2. Filters and dates in Supplier Management allow you to see when certificates were last updated.
  3. MyCCOF: Certification Management now includes quick renewal and payment links throughout the system, as well as the ability to print copies of invoices.

We are considering additional features and improvements throughout our systems in the coming months and welcome your thoughts and feedback.