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About CCOF

A helpful flyer about CCOF. Includes a brief history and our organic principles!

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Acuerdo de Cumplimiento para Clientes de CCOF

Clientes de CCOF pueden utilizar este formato como conformidad con los requisitos para la certificación orgánica.

Client Compliance Agreement

Acuerdo de Plan de Pago

Se usa este formato para arreglar un plan de pago para tarifas de CCOF.

Payment Plan

Add Acreage Instructions

Instructions for adding additional acreage to your existing certification.

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Add Facility Instructions

Follow these instructions to an add additional processing line or new equipment to your existing certification. You will also need the following forms: H2.3, H4.0, H5.0, Handler Application-Nonagricultural Materials, Facility or Address Change Form.

Affidavit of Input Material Composition

Clients may use this form for single ingredient input materials when they have knowledge of the material’s composition, such as straw, wood chips, and raw manure.

Application - Contract Partner Program

Use this form is you supply to only one CCOF certified operation, and that operation has agreed to pay your fees and receive your correspondence. This form should not be used by operations with more than one buyer, or with a buyer that is not CCOF certified.

Become a Certified Facility

Would you like to make certified organic products for others, or pack your own products into other companies' labels? How about provide your services to certified organic businesses? Become a certified facility with CCOF and open yourself up to the growing organic marketplace!

Biodiversity Resources

Included: biodiversity brochure, complete certifier and farmer guides to biodiversity, hedgerow brochure, Wild Farm Alliance briefing papers.

Canada Extended Affidavit

Use this form to verify supplier compliance with the US/Canadian equivalence for raw produce, ingredients, or processed products that were produced by companies other than your own. This document is not required if your supplier can provide alternative verification from their certifier demonstrating their compliance with the U.S./Canadian equivalence, such as a client profile/certificate, or other attestation document.

This document does not need to be returned to CCOF.


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