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Annual Fee Update

To keep up with service needs and rising costs, and to keep to a more regular pattern of smaller increases to fees, we are making minor adjustments to the certification fees for 2017.

Certification fees are increasing approximately 3 to 5 percent in each fee category, effective October 5, 2016 for new operations, and January 1, 2017 for existing clients. A full fee schedule can be found in the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual, on the back of annual invoices, and online.


Compliance Oversight Surcharges

We work hard to provide all CCOF certified clients with cost effective and timely service. The vast majority of CCOF operations meet organic standards. In rare cases, operations and CCOF are able to address serious compliance issues through formal and informal mediation and settlement agreements that require ongoing monitoring, regular reporting, and/or additional inspections. These efforts place significant strain on resources and impact our ability to meet the needs of other clients, the vast majority of whom are generally in compliance.


Extended Services Program Update

CCOF now offers extended services to any client who chooses to enroll in the Extended Services Program. We offer a suite of additional services designed to meet the needs of the large companies, smaller companies with very active organic programs, and others that require more individualized service.

Fee Changes

To keep up with service needs and rising costs, and to create a more regular pattern of smaller increases to fees, we are adjusting both certification fees and inspection fees for 2016 and fine-tuning the CCOF fee schedule to include more tiers.


Inspection Fees Changing January 1, 2014

After several years with no changes, we are modifying our inspection fees to keep up with rising costs and ensure excellent service. Effective January 1, inspection fees are $65 per hour for preparation, inspection, and report writing time. Travel time will be billed at $44 per hour. These increases are intended to be modest and to minimally affect the majority of CCOF operations. At the same time, we are implementing a new inspection report writing system to drive new efficiencies so you experience better service from CCOF as a whole, including lower costs and better inspections.


It’s Renewal Time

Every year certified operations are required to submit an annual certification renewal contract and pay certification fees for the next year. In early November, we will mail your renewal package—the contract and invoice—and send you an email with your renewal information as well.

To complete the renewal process and remain certified in good standing, complete your renewal contract and pay your annual certification fees by January 1, 2016.


Noncompliance & Mediation Costs

The vast majority of CCOF operations are timely and responsive. Unfortunately, some operations fail to respond to minor requests or arrange payment plans prior to their account becoming delinquent. The cost of managing these processes and reminders, and implementing and managing mediation processes, is increasing substantially. Therefore, CCOF fees for minor issues that escalate to noncompliance or proposed suspension based on no response are increasing to $150 per instance.


Renewals are Coming

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Every year, you are required to submit the annual Continuation of Certification contract and pay your certification fee. In early November, we will mail your renewal package—including the contract and invoice—and email you all the necessary information.


Saving You Money: EU Program Disappearing

Many CCOF operations are enrolled in a program they do not need. CCOF is saving 600+ operations $125 each during the 2015 renewal by processing this withdrawal internally.

Why? After reviewing our records we discovered that 600+ CCOF growers have not withdrawn from the US/EU Equivalency status under CCOF’s Global Market Access program, even though they no longer require the program. The historic US/EU Equivalency Arrangement, that CCOF worked directly to help achieve, requires that you enroll only if you:

Significant Changes to Certification Manual - All CCOF Clients Affected

We have made some substantial changes to our Certification Services Program Manual.

These changes affect all CCOF clients, and you will be asked on your 2014 Continuation of Certification Contract (renewal contract) to verify that you agree to the policies described in this manual. In brief, the changes include:


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