Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

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Meet Matthea Boatright & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

My vision is to continue my organic FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) from last year by purchasing a buck Angora rabbit of my own. I will also expand my SAE by utilizing my currently unused rabbit manure and turning it into valuable organic compost to sell to Alaskan gardeners, giving my business another source of income. I will continue to harvest highly desirable organic fiber from organically fed rabbits, and I will use organic, natural, and eco-friendly dyes on the harvested fiber, never harsh chemical dyes.

Meet Matthew Keesling & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Matthew Keesling
Matthew Keesling is new to the agriculture industry.  After serving in the United States Army, he decided that he wants to continue the culture of family farms and sustainable agriculture and pass this life choice on to his children and the next generation. 
Keesling has operated a small hobby farm in Kansas for six years, always being organic and a steward of the land and environment. He is a leader in 4-H programs focused on forestry and conservation efforts.

Meet Mauricio Gonzalez: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Mauricio Gonzalez was born to a farming family in Puebla, Mexico, where he would help his father every day after school. Gonzalez immigrated to the United States in 1992 and worked picking strawberries and on crews working with broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce between 1992-2004. Since 2004, he has been a manager in field production in these same crops.

Meet Michael Anthony Boyd, Jr.: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Anthony Boyd

Michael Anthony Boyd, Jr. 
Appalachian State University, Agroecology & Sustainable Agriculture – North Carolina

Anthony Boyd grew up on the Catawba Indian Nation in South Carolina where he fell in love with nature, playing in the woods and streams of the reservation. There, he first felt his calling to be a steward of the earth.

Meet Michael Larson: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Michael Larson

I have been interested in greenhouse production since 2010. This past summer I began working at Honker Flats Greenhouse in order to gain more greenhouse production experience, and I also operated a small landscaping business for eight families. I have a small greenhouse that my parents got me for my birthday, and I also lease greenhouse space from my school. Last year I was able to start 300 ornamental plants in these two spaces, which I sold to my community.

Meet Morgan Erffmeyer & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

I plan to grow organic plants such as mint, lavender, and chamomile. I will then cut and dry the plants when they are ready for harvest. Once they are dry, I will make them into tea and aromatherapy bags that will then be sold at a local shop or farmers’ markets. I will start by planting in a greenhouse, and then I would like to work my way up to one acre of organic crops. I will need to research the process of becoming certified organic as I know this is a lengthy process. I will create a business plan and seek the advice of other people in the organic sector.

Meet Nathan Van Assen: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Nathan Van Assen
San Diego City College, Sustainable Agriculture – California

Nathan’s journey in this field started about seven years ago when he and his wife had the epiphany that they should be eating fresher foods. Since that time, Nathan has worked in the produce industry as a market stocker for four years, three of which have been exclusively with organic produce as a produce department clerk at Jimbo’s…Naturally! He also supports his wife as she runs her own organic and natural baby clothing business.

Meet Nelson Hawkins & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Nelson Hawkins
After recently graduating from the University of California, Davis with a degree in sustainable agriculture combined with a decade of direct farming experience, Nelson Hawkins now feels empowered to turn his long-term goal of starting an organic farm into reality. This year, he is starting on a ¼-acre urban farm in West Sacramento, California growing seasonal vegetables for the surrounding neighborhood as well as supplying to local markets.


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