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Meet Joshua Dransfield & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Joshua Dransfield plans to pursue a B.S. degree focusing on organic dairy production. He attends the University of West Virginia, which has a certified organic farm, a conventional dairy, and is very supportive of Dransfield’s decision to continue on his family's farm. He believes that small family farms offer dairymen and women an opportunity to make a good income doing honest work. 

Meet Joshua Dransfield: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Joshua Dransfield was born and raised on a dairy farm in Gap Mills, West Virginia. He graduated from James Monroe High School with honors in August 2015, where he played football and baseball and was a member of 4-H and FFA. During his FFA tenure, Dransfield was named the national first place at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Grasslands Contest in Missouri. He also represented his state as a member of the 2015 Dairy Judging Team, competing in Madison, Wisconsin, and Louisville, Kentucky.

Meet Joshue Sandoval: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Joshua Sandoval

Joshue Sandoval
Hartnell Community College and Agriculture and Land Based Training Association (ALBA), Farmer Education Program (PEPA) – California

Joshue Sandoval has lived in agricultural areas his whole life; he was born in Mexico and moved to Watsonville, California, at the age of five. He worked for four years in conventional and organic raspberries and for nine years at SunRidge Farms, including six years in the organic division where he supervised up to 40 employees.

Meet Juan Gonzalez: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Juan Gonzalez is a talented, skillful craftsman. Having once owned and operated a small automotive and construction business, he now aspires to be an organic farmer. Gonzalez is pursuing a career in organic agriculture because he cares about where his food comes from and how it's grown. He also recognizes that organic markets are expanding.

When Gonzalez isn’t volunteering his time to help friends with their farm, he looks for any opportunity to jump on a tractor. When possible, he takes time to walk his fields to look over his craftsmanship.

Meet Justin Moran: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Justin Moran
Rogue Farm Corps FarmsNext Internship Program – Oregon

Meet Kiley Clark: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Kiley Clark is an aspiring farmer who knows a thing or two about food. Prior to enrolling in the Sustainable Agriculture program at Santa Rosa Junior College, Clark worked in various positions in kitchens around Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the last 10 years, she has worked her way from assisting with pastries at a five-star French restaurant, to becoming a bread baker, to managing the kitchen for a food truck. Clark has seen a lot of fruits and vegetables—some mediocre, some downright frightening.

Meet Kimbark Elementary School & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Kimbark Elementary School
San Bernardino, California

Kimbark Elementary School students planted a winter garden with crops including broccoli, two types of kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and snap peas. Students learned about organic farming as they noticed aphids and insect larvae on the plants, followed by the ladybugs that were there to eat the other bugs. Students enjoyed making smoothies and salads from the vegetable harvest and found that their own perceptions about healthy food were changing.

Meet Kristen Tippit: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Kristen Tippit
EarthDance Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Program – Missouri

Meet Laura Palmer: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Laura Palmer is a returning student at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, studying environmental management/protection and sustainable agriculture. In 2015, she graduated from Cabrillo College with an Associate Degree in horticulture and crop production.


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