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CCOF Inspection Services – Here to Help!

CCOF’s five-person inspection operations team works together to manage CCOF’s 4,000 inspections annually. Inspection supervisors work with inspectors and clients to assign and manage regional inspection operations, ensuring CCOF inspections are performed on time and are cost effective. The inspection operations team works with a group of nearly 65 inspectors to assign inspections, manage the process, and ensure client and organizational needs are met.

CCOF Inspector Field Evaluations

Updated: April 11, 2016

Field evaluations are required by the National Organic Program (NOP) for all certifiers. As a result, CCOF implemented a pilot program in 2015 that has been very successful. We appreciate the NOP’s requirement and are embracing it with additional time and effort in 2016.

Inspector Profile: Judy Brown

“This is where I like to be — out in the fields, down in Mexico, learning a lot —in this picture, it's about tequila.”

Judy Brown began studying Spanish and traveling to Mexico when she was 14. She’s still doing both, many years later.

Judy majored in Horticulture at Cal Poly, grew flowers commercially on her own ranch for many years, raised three sons, and then became a bilingual teacher. After 15 years, she retired and returned to her first love — organic agriculture. Her other lifelong passion, traveling, combines well with this great job.

Inspector Profile: Kelly Abbott

CCOF has an incredible team of inspectors and on occasion we will be highlighting some of our awesome inspectors! This week we highlight Kelly Abbott.

Inspector Profile: Matthew Werner, Ph.D.

“I went to school back east for a whole bunch of years (SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse) and earned a Ph.D. in soil ecology; then came out to Santa Cruz for a postdoc at UCSC. That evolved into a Research Specialist position, and I spent 10 years doing projects in organic strawberries, apples, and artichokes. I then got into buffer zones and non-point source pollution issues around Elkhorn Slough and various other projects.

Inspector Profile: Pam Sullivan

Carmel Valley, California

“I’ve been inspecting since 2004, exclusively for CCOF. I love complicated multi-departmental clients, the more challenging, the better. Inspecting is rarely boring, and I like learning new things about farming and industrial processes.

For many years I owned a restaurant on the East Coast, and I also wrote travel guides on Southern Africa for a British publishing firm. I lived in Africa for six years and it was while running a safari camp that I become interested in organic farming.

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