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Advance Notice: Planned MyCCOF Downtime

CCOF will be performing server maintenance on MyCCOF beginning Friday, August 18 at 5:00 p.m. PDT. Estimated completion time is Monday, August 21 at 8:00 a.m. PDT. MyCCOF will be unavailable during this time. 
Thank you for your continued support!


CCOF Inspection Services – Here to Help!

CCOF’s five-person inspection operations team works together to manage CCOF’s 4,000 inspections annually. Inspection supervisors work with inspectors and clients to assign and manage regional inspection operations, ensuring CCOF inspections are performed on time and are cost effective. The inspection operations team works with a group of nearly 65 inspectors to assign inspections, manage the process, and ensure client and organizational needs are met.

Compliance Report Improvements

CCOF continues to improve your tools and resources to help you manage your organic certification. If you ever wonder what is due to CCOF and why, you can log in online to MyCCOF and check your items at a glance on your personalized dashboard. In MyCCOF’s Action Item Tracker, you can view your action items, respond to them, and produce a compliance report at any time. Compliance reports have all the information you need for keeping your certification on track: all requests, all your CCOF contacts, and the latest news and promotions. Log in and get yours today.

Materials List Improvement

Your Materials List is now grouped by type of material, instead of only being grouped by scope. For example, all fertilizers will be in one section, and all pest control materials another. This change should help you identify the materials that are approved for use more quickly and easily! Look for the change when you receive your next updated materials list from CCOF. Remember that you can also view, manage, and print your own list in MyCCOF

Materials List Improvements

To save you time and money, your Materials List in MyCCOF is now grouped by type of material, instead of only being grouped by scope. This means that all fertilizers or additives are grouped together instead merely listed alphabetically.

New this year, you can also use MyCCOF to export an Excel compatible list for your own use. Simply visit your Materials List in MyCCOF and click the Excel icon.

MyCCOF and Supplier Management

Need a new certificate or want to check when your latest OSP update will be completed? MyCCOF is available anytime you need it, and offers various tools and information to all CCOF certified operations.

MyCCOF is free for all certified members and lets you:


MyCCOF Improvements

Additional tools have been added to the MyCCOF dashboard to make it easier than ever to get all your certification and inspection information in one place. You can now see your account status right from your dashboard, along with your inspector’s contact information, listed right next to your inspection information. 

MyCCOF Upgrade: User Dashboard!

Soon MyCCOF will have a revolutionary new tool, available as your home page when you first log in. The new “Dashboard” includes a variety of helpful overviews that you can use to quickly determine your operation’s standing in key areas. These overviews include:



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