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A Conversation on Why Organic Matters with the Farm to Table Talk Podcast

I sat down with Farm to Table Talk host Rodger Wasson to discuss why organic matters with him. We dove right into CCOF’s Roadmap to an Organic California, a first-of-its-kind research project that investigates how organic is a solution to California’s toughest challenges.
From the climate crisis to economic and health inequities, I walked Wasson through organic’s role in addressing these issues, and more.

Announcing the Newest Resource for Organic Advocates: “Roadmap to an Organic California: Policy Report”

The Roadmap to an Organic California: Policy Report is the next installment of a first-of-its-kind research project that investigates how organic is a solution to California’s toughest challenges. 
Tackling climate change, economic challenges, and health inequities can feel daunting, but our Roadmap offers nearly 40 policy recommendations to grow organic to combat climate change and build healthier, more secure communities. 
To help us create our bold vision for California’s future, we com

Attending EcoFarm? Join CCOF for a Celebration

Eco Farm Blog Photo
Photo by Liz Birnbaum
CCOF is hosting a reception to celebrate the release of the Policy Report for the Roadmap to an Organic California project.

Before the Brave to Perform at Roadmap to an Organic California Release Party

Before the Brave by Zack Pianko
Photo by Zack Piánko
In the face of climate catastrophes taking place worldwide, CCOF is leading the charge to create a climate-resilient California and United States.

CCOF Concludes a Powerful Visit to Sacramento

CCOF Advocacy Day
The energy is still buzzing from CCOF’s recent visit to over 50 legislators in Sacramento on February 18 and 19 for Rooting for Organic: CCOF’s 2020 Annual Meeting and advocacy day. Joined by CCOF members, community allies, and organic advocates alike, more than 100 people met in the California State Capitol to engage in the democratic process and make the case that organic is the next step forward for a climate resilient California.

CDFA Climate Solutions Report Highlights Organic

A recent farmer- and rancher-led climate change solutions report from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) highlights the importance of organic agriculture as a climate solution. In stakeholder engagement meetings, farmers, ranchers, and relevant nonprofits discussed organic as both a climate solution and a mechanism to protect communities from pesticide exposure.

Creating an Organic California with Your Help

Photo cred Tommy Martino_Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle
Tommy Martino, Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle (left) on the Grain by Grain book tour 2019.
As an organic farmer at home in Montana of over 30 years, I see firsthand the bounty created from tending to the land in an organic manner. Butterflies, bees, ladybugs, birds, and countless other creatures are drawn to the land tended organically. Those who work on the soil every day can feel its soft, supple nature underneath their boots. The palpable feeling of health and vitality pouring out of an organic farm is unmatched.

Former Patagonia CEO Kris Tompkins Declares That Sustainability is Essential

Patagonia Logo
CCOF Foundation Visionary-level supporter Patagonia has long championed environmental causes and is now turning its attention, voice, and financial support toward supporting organic agriculture. In 2019, Patagonia Action Works, which connects Patagonia enthusiasts with environmental nonprofits, launched a matching gift program. As a result of this program, the CCOF Foundation received an additional $20,000 in funds from Patagonia. Patagonia doubled the generous gifts of fellow CCOF Foundation supporters Sweet Earth Foods, Braga Fresh, and New Hope Network.

Healthy Soils Program Open to Applications; Contact Your State Legislator to Support an Organic Transition Option

Healthy Soils Program Requests for Applications Released
Acknowledging the many benefits of improved soil quality, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) initiated the Healthy Soils Program in 2017, which offers grants to farmers and ranchers to implement new soil-building practices on their land.
CDFA recently opened the Healthy Soils Program for 2020 applications.

Help CCOF Create a Policy Roadmap for Organic

Earlier this year, CCOF Foundation launched the Roadmap to an Organic California project to highlight how organic farming addresses many of California’s toughest challenges. From climate change and water degradation to public health threats and struggling local economies, organic agriculture is a proven solution.   
The Benefits Report presented over 300 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing how organic agriculture positively impacts the economy, society, and the environment.


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