What if I pay my bill but do not complete the renewal contract or vice versa?

Many operations assume that if they pay their fees they are not required to complete the Annual Renewal Contract. This is not the case! Organic regulations require that all operations pay annual certification fees, and complete a continuation of certification contract (CCOF's Annual Renewal Contract) every year. Failure to complete the contract will result in suspension of certification.

Can I view my outstanding balances with CCOF and pay online?

Your MyCCOF account allows you to view invoice descriptions and outstanding balances for your operation!

  • Log in to MyCCOF.org and navigate to the ‘Invoices’ tab.
  • Here you can view your Account Status, Description of an Invoice and any outstanding balances.
  • Click on a single invoice and hit the "Invoice copy" button to generate a copy of your invoice.

To pay your balance online click the ‘Pay now’ button in MyCCOF.