Organic Certification/Recordkeeping

Digital Organic Recordkeeping for Growers

Join the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and the CCOF Foundation for a webinar that explores digital solutions for organic recordkeeping for growers. Our speakers will highlight software strategies that can assist you in keeping records while meeting USDA National Organic Program standards for certified organic crop production on small- to mid-sized farms.

Building off our Organic Recordkeeping 101 webinar for growers on August 21, this recordkeeping webinar will provide an introduction to digital recordkeeping tools for organic crop production. 

Organic Recordkeeping 101 for Growers

Well-designed recordkeeping systems can facilitate sound farm management, reduce stress, promote farm sustainability, and track organic products from start to finish. Join the CCOF Foundation and the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) for a webinar that reviews USDA organic regulations related to recordkeeping requirements for crop producers. We will highlight practical recordkeeping methods to meet your farm’s needs for organic certification.

Organic Greenhouse Certification

Please excuse recording sound issues between minutes 3-5!

Join the CCOF Foundation for a webinar on organic certification for greenhouses.

As urban farms continue to blossom, specialty greenhouses sprout up around the country, and mixed fruit and vegetable operations continue to produce their own transplants, CCOF has received more inquiries about the intricacies of organic certification for greenhouses. This webinar will cover what is necessary to certify your greenhouse.

Demystifying Organic Certification for Processors

Join the CCOF Foundation for a webinar that demystifies organic certification for processors.

Thinking about organic certification? Have a new staffer handling your OSP and system updates? Join CCOF for a webinar that reviews the steps of organic certification for processors and covers basic principles of organic processing in the United States. Participants will also learn simple techniques to keep their organic certification up-to-date.