Rodriguez Bros. Ranch, LLC

13 Tarpey Rd.
Royal Oaks, CA 95076
United States

We are a family owned and operated farm, growing fruits and vegetables in Watsonville, CA. Our specialty are organic strawberries and we sell directly to the public at the ranch and at farmers\' markets. Although it takes more work to produce organic produce, we find that the flavor and texture of the fruit is superior. We have sustainable practices on the ranch such as crop rotation which maintains the health of the soil. We have also developed a system that vacuums pests from the crops so we have no need for dangerous pesticides.

Central Coast

Certification: Livestock
Status: Application Withdrawn
Date: 04/11/16

Certification: Crops
Status: Certified
Date: 03/31/05

Certification: GLOBALG.A.P. HPSS
Status: Certified
Date: 09/08/22

Certification: USDA NOP
Status: Certified
Date: 03/31/05