Future Organic Farmers program

From Berrypicker to Organic Farmer—Meet Ismael Perez

Ismael Perez grew up in California’s Central Coast region, a prolific agricultural area that’s well known for producing the vast majority of the United States’ berries, lettuces, artichokes, and other fresh produce. As soon as he graduated high school, Ismael himself got involved in the berry industry by getting a summer job picking raspberries. That summer job rolled into more berrypicking summers, and eventually Ismael was given enough promotions that he was working every day of the week with time off only for attending school at San Jose State University. 

Meet Emilia Santos Perez, Future Organic Farmer Grant Recipient

Along the coastline of Oaxaca, a southern state of Mexico, lies a mountain range called Sierra Madre del Sur. In the fog-draped trees, Emilia Santos Perez was raised in a pueblo called San Pedro el Alto in the region of Pochutla. The predominant language and people of the area are Zapotec, one indigenous group of sixteen distinct groups known in Oaxaca

Meet Brady Kazmier, a 2020 Future Organic Farmers Grantee

Interested in getting involved in organic agriculture? Brady Kazmier, Future Organic Farmers grantee, urges, “Do it. Dive in and don’t look back. Education in organic agriculture is extremely extensive, and the possibilities are near endless. The amount of good you can do is astonishing. We can bring upon a revolution to be better to our planet through organic agriculture.” And that is exactly what Kazmier intends to do.