CCOF Foundation Support for New Organic Inspectors

Organic inspectors are essential to ensuring organic integrity, and CCOF has a history of providing apprenticeships to new, prospective organic inspectors. Thanks to a grant from the National Organic Program (NOP) Human Capital Capacity Building Initiative, we were able to formalize our inspector apprenticeship in the CCOF Organic Inspector Mentorship Pilot Program. 

CCOF Lanza Inspecciones 100% Virtuales Durante la Pandemia de COVID-19

La certificación orgánica es parte integral del sistema agroalimentario, un servicio esencial. Durante una pandemia de salud pública con órdenes generalizadas de permanecer en casa, CCOF utilizará técnicas novedosas de inspección para continuar brindando servicios esenciales del sistema alimentario mientras se adhiere a las prácticas de distanciamiento social recomendadas por las agencias gubernamentales de salud. Todas las operaciones certificadas deben estar preparadas para inspección, deben mantener registros requeridos y deben tener un plan de sistema orgánico actualizado. 

CCOF Launching 100% Virtual Inspections During COVID-19 Pandemic

Organic certification is part of the critical infrastructure of food and agriculture, an essential service. During a public health pandemic with widespread stay-at-home orders, CCOF is using novel inspection techniques to continue providing essential food system services while adhering to social distancing practices as recommended by government health agencies. All certified operations should remain inspection-ready and maintain required records and a current organic system plan.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) CCOF Inspection Policy Update

Effective today, all CCOF organic inspections occurring in the United States are postponed with the exception of those necessary for new certifications with production within 60 days (i.e., new applications, add acreages, new facilities). Inspections for new certifications supports essential business infrastructure for our clients. These inspections may occur under the following conditions:

Updates for Importers in the United States

CCOF-certified importers should be prepared to provide detailed information during inspections to ensure that they meet the expectations of NOP Interim Instruction 4013. An importer is anyone who directly imports (importer of record), as well as operations who are the first certified organic business located in the United States taking title, receiving, or selling imported products.

CCOF Inspection Services – Here to Help!

CCOF’s five-person inspection operations team works together to manage CCOF’s 4,000 inspections annually. Inspection supervisors work with inspectors and clients to assign and manage regional inspection operations, ensuring CCOF inspections are performed on time and are cost effective. The inspection operations team works with a group of nearly 65 inspectors to assign inspections, manage the process, and ensure client and organizational needs are met.