recordkeeping help and templates

Alternative Recordkeeping Documentation

CCOF has improved our available sample forms with new online Google templates, found at You can also make maintaining documentation easier for yourself by using alternative documentation tools. Recently the National Organic Program (NOP), as part of their Sound and Sensible Certification initiative, has encouraged certifiers and inspectors to recognize alternative documentation, aside from logs or receipts.

CCOF Mejora Recursos para el Mantenimiento de Registros

¿No está seguro de cómo mantener sus registros? ¿Está buscando ejemplos o plantillas para registros? Nuestra página de recursos en español contiene recursos que las empresas pueden usar para demostrar su conformidad. ¡Ofrecemos plantillas para registros de limpieza de equipo, material de plantación, búsquedas para la disponibilidad comercial de semilla orgánica, y más!

¡Nuevo! Plantillas Google ofrecen opciones nuevos y gratis para registros móviles!

CCOF Improves Recordkeeping Tools

Not sure what you should keep for your records? Looking for examples and templates of different record keeping documents? CCOF has a page for recordkeeping support to help answer these questions and provide tools that operations can use to demonstrate compliance. We have templates for equipment cleaning logs, planting stock records, commercial availability search records and more!

Recordkeeping Tools – Maintaining Detailed Records

NOP requirements state that all certified operations must maintain detailed records. These records must fully disclose all activities and transactions, and demonstrate compliance with the regulations in sufficient detail as to be readily understood and audited. CCOF has developed a collection of sample forms and worksheets to help you maintain compliance with organic standards, and help ensure your continued certification with CCOF.