Thank You and Congratulations to John Trinterud as He Retires from Inspecting

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Date Published: 
May 18, 2020
John Trinterud
CCOF thanks and congratulates John Trinterud for his 19 years as an outstanding organic inspector and mentor. Trinterud, who currently lives with his wife, Colene, in Walnut Creek, recently announced his retirement in order to spend more time with his family and his creative pursuits, such gourmet bread baking. 
Trinterud started inspecting organic farms while he himself was an organic farmer in Mendocino County. He has a curiosity and passion for everything culinary, and thus enjoyed meeting the wide variety of food innovators encountered on the inspection trail. Trinterud’s contribution to training new inspectors and staff deserves special mention. The majority of current Northern California handler inspectors had the good fortune to have Trinterud as their mentor. He has also been a favorite for CCOF handler staff to shadow on inspections, a vital training experience. 
Trinterud’s inspection work has always been at the top tier of integrity and quality. We send him off with best wishes, knowing that his contributions will be both missed and appreciated for years to come!