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Add Facility Instructions

Follow these instructions to an add additional processing line or new equipment to your existing certification. You will also need the following forms: H2.3, H4.0, H5.0, Handler Application-Nonagricultural Materials, Facility or Address Change Form.

Become a Certified Facility

Would you like to make certified organic products for others, or pack your own products into other companies' labels? How about provide your services to certified organic businesses? Become a certified facility with CCOF and open yourself up to the growing organic marketplace!

CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service

Use to register for CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service: customized training for your staff. CCOF provides individualized training on how to maintain your Organic System Plan in our systems.

COR Storage Facility Affidavit

ONLY FOR OPERATIONS LOCATED IN CANADA. If you use uncertified off-site facilities to store organic ingredients or products in unsealed or permeable packaging, ask the storage facility to complete this affidavit to verify organic handling practices so that CCOF can waive the requirement of an annual inspection. Submit one form for each facility and request an updated affidavit annually.

Facility or Address Change Form

Used by CCOF clients to notify us of moves or other changes to processing or handling facilities.

H2.3 Instalación Orgánica

Provea la dirección de su instalación para que podamos llevar a cabo la inspección y adjunte un plano del sitio y un diagrama esquemático del flujo de producto. Actualice este formulario para agregar un clase nuevo de procesamiento o equipo orgánico.

H2.3 Organic Facility

Give us your facility address so we know where to inspect and attach a site map and production flow diagram. Update this form when you want to add a new type of organic processing or equipment.

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H4.0 Organic Practices

Describe your organic product handling practices, including receiving, cleaning, sanitation and facility pest control. Update this form when making changes to organic processing or equipment.

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H4.0 Prácticas Orgánicas

Describa sus prácticas para manejar productos orgánicos, incluyendo la recepción, la limpieza y el saneamiento, y manejo de plagas en la instalación. Actualice este formulario cuando está haciendo cambios al procesamiento o equipo orgánico.

Livestock Offsite Location Affidavit

A CCOF certified operation may use another certified organic location for animal grazing and/or management if records are maintained that fully disclose all activities and transactions. Use this form to add a certified organic offsite location to your Organic System Plan.


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