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Declaracion Jurada de Manejador No Certificado

Este formato aplica para las instalaciones de almacenamiento no certificadas que se utilizan por las operaciones de CCOF para almacenar productos o productos no sellados en envases permeables. También aplica para intermediarios, comerciantes, mayoristas o distribuidores que no están no certificados que proporcionan productos orgánicos a operaciones certificados con CCOF.

Equipment, Facility or Address Change Form

Use this form to notify CCOF that you will be moving or you plan to add a new facility or new equipment to your existing organic certification.

You will also need the following forms: H2.3, H4.0, H5.0, Handler Materials Application.

Forma para Cambio de Dirección, de Instalación o de Equipo

Utilice esta forma para notificar a CCOF que se mudará o planea agregar una nueva instalación o equipo nuevo a su certificación.

También necesitará las siguientes formas: H2.3H4.0H5.0Solicitud de Materiales para Manejador.

NOP 4009 Instruction and Q&A: Who Needs to be Certified?

This instruction clarifies the certification requirements for operations that produce or handle agricultural products to be sold, labeled or represented as organic. Both the instructions document and official Q&A are included.

Registro de Limpieza de Equipo

Se puede usar este formato para documentar las limpiezas de equipo usado para aplicar materiales o para la cosecha, antes de usarlos para lo orgánico.

Se puede descargar esta formulario como PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, o plantilla Google (se requiere una cuenta de correo electrónico de Google). Ver los vínculos abajo. 

Sample Equipment Cleaning Log

Sample Equipment Cleaning Log

Equipment must be cleaned according to protocol set forth in your organic system plan (OSP) in order to maintain the organic integrity of your product. To ensure that this is done properly, keep this form near each piece of equipment that is cleaned to record cleaning. This log may also be used to record cleaning of harvest equipment or spray rigs prior to use.

This template is available for download as a PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel document, or Google Template (Google email account is required). See links below. 

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Uncertified Handler Affidavit

This form applies to uncertified storage facilities used by CCOF operations to store unsealed product or product in permeable packaging. It also applies to uncertified brokers, traders, wholesalers, or distributors that provide organic products to CCOF certified operations. It is not required for uncertified handlers supplying organic product in sealed, impermeable containers with final retail labeling that identifies the organic status and original certified producer.

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Can I get my commercial kitchen certified for others to use for organic production?

No, it doesn't help others and isn't required in order for someone else to make organic products in your commercial kitchen. Shared kitchens cannot be certified separately from the product produced in them. Facilities, including shared kitchens, are part of the process of making the products, so the people who use your kitchen must include the kitchen as the production facility in their own certification application, as if it were their own factory.

Can I make a certified organic product in an uncertified facility?

No, products labeled as organic must be produced in an inspected and certified organic facility. If you own or lease the facility, you can easily add an uncertified facility location to your own certification. If you contract with the facility to produce your products, the facility will need to apply for a separate organic certification with CCOF.

Can I store organic and non-organic ingredients in the same storage area?

Yes, as long as adequate measures are taken to distinguish organic from non-organic, and storage practices do not pose a commingling or contamination risk for organic ingredients. You do not have to have a physical barrier in place, but adequate separation and labeling should be in place to protect the organic product.


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