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Declaraciones de Producto Orgánico en Sitios Web y Otras Herramientas de Mercadeo

Obtenga más información sobre lo que CCOF busca en un sitio web para ayudarlo a diseñar un sitio web que cumpla con las regulaciones y evitar confundir el consumidor.

Organic Claims on Websites and Other Marketing

G7.0 Labeling

Describe how you label non-retail containers and retail packages. Attach label samples.

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Guía para Etiquetas Orgánicas

Una gráfica fácil de entender sobre etiquetas orgánicas.

Organic Labeling Guidelines

H2.5 Brokered Products

Complete this form if you are a broker, trader, wholesaler, distributor, or importer of organic products that you do not process, repack, or relabel. If you oversee transloading of bulk product, additional OSP forms are required.

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International Market Labeling Guide

CCOF has developed this helpful guide to explain the requirements for labels on organic products sold in Canada, the EU, Japan, Korea, and Mexico. All products being shipped to these markets under a U.S. Organic Equivalency Arrangement must meet the labeling requirements of the destination market. Please submit all labels to CCOF for approval prior to printing.

Organic Claims on Websites and Other Marketing

Learn more about what CCOF looks for on a website to help you design a compliant website and prevent consumer confusion.

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Retail Labeling Guide

Guide for developing retail labels.


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