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CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service

Use to register for CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service: customized training for your staff. CCOF provides individualized training on how to maintain your Organic System Plan in our systems.

MyCCOF Online Certification Management

MyCCOF provides the online tools that make certification simpler for you. Use MyCCOF to easily manage certification, track suppliers, and search and add materials for use in organic production.

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Servicio De Ensayo Del OSP De CCOF

Entrenamiento Personalizado Para Su Personal

¡CCOF ofrece un entrenamiento individualizado sobre cómo mantener su Plan de Sistema Orgánico en nuestros sistemas!

Entrénese usted o entrene a algún miembro de su personal, lo antes posible, en cómo mantener actualizado su Plan de Sistema Orgánico (OSP) con el nuevo Servicio de Ensayo del OSP de CCOF. El Servicio de Ensayo del OSP será dirigidas por un especialista de certificación de CCOF y pueden ser personalizadas para su operación.

Can I view my outstanding balances with CCOF and pay online?

Your MyCCOF account allows you to view invoice descriptions and outstanding balances for your operation!

  • From within MyCCOF, navigate to the ‘Invoices’ tab for your operation and view past and present balances.
  • Once in the ‘Invoices’ tab you can view your Account Status, Description of an Invoice, as well as any outstanding balances.*

To pay your balance online click this ‘Pay now’ button in MyCCOF.

Does CCOF provide online services?

Yes! MyCCOF is the first of its kind online organic certification management system. MyCCOF is free for all clients and provides access to records, bills, inspection reports, certificates, and more. Our website also offers a wealth of forms, payment options, and other tools to support your certification needs. We are truly committed to saving you time by providing online services.

How can I log in to MyCCOF? My password isn’t working/can I reset it?

If you are unable to log into your MyCCOF account, use the “Forgot Password?” link below the Log In area.

MyCCOF login

How can I view the contact information for my operation?

Log in to MyCCOF to view your operation contact information. From within MyCCOF, navigate to the desired Company Record from the ‘Company Data List.’ Click on the name of the operations you wish to view contact information for.

How do I get a copy of my Inspection Report?

Log in to MyCCOF to access your Inspection Report. From within MyCCOF, click on the ‘Inspection Status’ tab to see all current and past inspections for your operation.

How do I get a copy of my letters from CCOF?

Log in to MyCCOF to view all letters from the CCOF office. From within MyCCOF, navigate to the ‘Documents’ tab.

  • Here you can view outgoing correspondence from CCOF regarding your Operation. The “Date” column will match the date on a specific letter. The “Subject” column will tell you the type of correspondence.
  • To access a copy of a letter click on the ‘File Name’ of the correspondence and download/print/save to your computer.



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