Organic and Non-GMO & More seals

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Can I use CCOF’s "Non-GMO & More" seal?

If you are certified by CCOF, you can use the “Non-GMO & More” seal.

If used on the same panel with the USDA seal, the USDA seal must appear more prominent. When the horizontal version of the "Non-GMO & More" seal is used, prominence is measured by height, and if the vertical version is used, prominence is measured by width. For additional labeling help visit our Labeling and Logos page.

Does CCOF perform GMO testing?

Yes. CCOF conducts GMO testing of at risk commodities under the periodic residue testing requirement of the USDA National Organic Program. Testing for presence of GMOs is a helpful tool in determining whether a prevention strategy is effective. Organic production is a whole systems approach to agriculture that uses prevention strategies—monitored through the certification process—to ensure compliance with organic standards

Does non-GMO mean GMO-free?

Like other non-GMO verification programs, non-GMO does not mean GMO-free. The phrase “non-GMO” on certified organic products means that, as required by organic standards, the product was produced without the use of GMOs.

How can I label my certified organic products?

The way you label your certified organic products will depend on the amount of organic ingredients in them. Most crops and single-ingredient products can be labeled “Organic” and use the USDA seal.

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