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CCOF Certification Services Program Manual

This manual describes your rights and responsibilities as a certified operation, CCOF due process procedures, the costs of certification, certification procedures, and how to remain certified.

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COR Compliance Program Manual

For the Certification of Operations Located in Canada to the Canadian Organic Regime (COR). This manual describes the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) standards. Only operations located in Canada can apply for COR certification.

Global Market Access Program Manual

This manual describes the requirements for operations enrolled in the Global Market Access program. This is typically only necessary if your products are exported to foreign markets where the U.S. National Organic Program has equivalence arrangements, including Canada, the European Union, Japan and more.

GLOBALG.A.P. Program Manual

This manual describes the standards that apply to operations joining CCOF’s GLOBALG.A.P. program.

International Standard Program Manual

This manual describes the CCOF International Standard program and standards. The program is for operations outside the US shipping to the European Union or Switzerland directly.

Manual de CCOF de Normas USDA NOP

Este manual incluye las normas oficiales del Programa Nacional Orgánico (NOP) para la certificación orgánica con CCOF bajo el Programa Nacional Orgánico de la USDA. CCOF certifica bajo el NOP como nuestra norma principal. Vea el instructivo del NOP publicado por el Programa Nacional Orgánico para detalles adicionales sobre certificación orgánica bajo el programa de la USDA.

Manual del Programa de Cumplimiento de México

Este manual describe los estándares que aplica a operaciones ingresando al Programa de Cumplimiento de México de CCOF. El programa es para operaciones en México y exportando productos orgánicos a México.

Mexico Compliance Program Manual

NOP Standards Manual

This manual includes the official National Organic Program (NOP) standards for CCOF organic certification under the USDA National Organic Program. CCOF certifies to the NOP as our primary standard. Check out the U.S. National Organic Program’s NOP Handbook for more details about organic certification under the USDA program.

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