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Application for Parcel Transfer

Use to transfer parcels between CCOF certified operations.

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CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service

Use to register for CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service, a comprehensive and complete overview of certification for your staff. CCOF provides time to meet with our staff and learn how to use our systems to improve your user experience.

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Certification Transfer Form

If you are currently certified with a certification agency other than CCOF, and would like to be certified with us, please submit this form to CCOF.

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Formulario De Retiro

Se usa este formato para quitar parcelas de su certificación orgánica. También se puede usar este formato para renunciar la certificación de su operación entera.

Surrender of Certification Form

Solicitud para Transferencia de Parcela

Use esta forma para solicitar la transferencia de su parcela que está certificada orgánica entre dos productores certificados con CCOF.

Parcel Transfer Form

Transferencia de Certificación a CCOF

Si actualmente está certificado con una agencia de certificación diferente a CCOF y le gustaría estar certificado con nosotros, por favor envíe esta forma a CCOF.

Certification Transfer Form

Withdrawal or Surrender of Certification Form

Use to withdraw/remove a portion of your operation such as a parcel, product, service, or group of livestock. You can also use this form to surrender certification of your entire operation.

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Can I transfer parcels between CCOF certified operations?

Yes, our clients can transfer parcels, in the certification program, between CCOF certified operations without having to reapply. Simply complete the parcel transfer form and return it to us for each parcel transferred. You will be billed for the service at the time of submission. Parcel transfers must be submitted within one month of change in management and there must be continuous organic management on the parcel for a valid transfer.

Should I notify CCOF if my business ownership or name has changed?

Should I notify CCOF if my business ownership or name has changed?

Yes, you must notify CCOF

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