Vendor Marketplace by Food Safety

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AnTerra Group Inc

AnTerra Group Inc. is a leading provider of cleaning, sanitation, water treatment, and waste water treatment products and services to the produce industry. An integral part of our services are our bilingual training and consulting programs.

(949) 215-0658
Clark Food Safety

Clark Pest Control, a family-owned company serving California since 1950, is a proud sponsor of CCOF, offering complete NOP-compliant service solutions including third party audit preparation and assistance.

(209) 371-0758


NatureSeal, Inc.

NatureSeal’s vitamin/mineral blends maintain the texture and color of cut produce, without altering the natural flavor. OMRI listed formulations to treat organic produce include apples, pears and root vegetables. Our FirstStep+10 product is a patent-pending produce wash additive for use on fresh cut produce and produce to be further processed.

(203) 454-1800


TraceGains Inc.

TraceGains protects companies and brands by catching problems before they ship to customers, minimizing the cost and brand damage associated with recalls, and maximizing the quality and long-term profitability of goods and products harvested or manufactured.

(720) 465-9400