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Agra Marketing Group

Agra Marketing Group provides certified organic crop nutrients, soil amendments, and biological inoculants. We deliver liquid and dry fertilizers, compost, and worm castings. We have gypsum, lime, Super Sulfur Potash, and MEGAMEND® natural trace minerals. Our products include mycorrhizal and bacterial inoculants. Ask about our Agra Peet™ soil medium.

(855) 894-1782
ARBICO Organics

Since 1979, ARBICO Organics has been providing biological pest control solutions for equine, cattle and other livestock operations. We’ve expanded to a wide range of beneficial and predatory insects and organisms, soil fertility, natural insecticides and disease control solutions for farmers, growers and gardeners of all sizes.

(800) 827-2847


BioSafe Systems

BioSafe Systems is a developer and marketer of crop protection, water treatment and post-harvest solutions. Based on a field-to-fork approach, the mission of BioSafe Systems is to offer safe, effective organic disease-control solutions designed to help mitigate plant and human health pathogens in the field, irrigation water and packing facilities.

Brandt Consolidated, Inc.

Complete line of OMRI-approved organic crop protection products: Ecotec (insecticide), Ecotec G (granular insecticide), Matratec (herbicide), Tritek (insectide/fungicide), Sporatec (fungicide).

(217) 547-5800
California Organic Fertilizers Inc.

California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. manufactures protein-based organic dry and liquid NPK fertilizers, organic pesticides, and quality control products from the highest quality ingredients available. Patented production processes ensure all products are free of pathogens and have very low salt index ratings.

(559) 443-5690


Certis USA

Certis USA is a pioneer in the development of biological pesticides and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of biopesticides.

(800) 250-5024


Clark Food Safety

Clark Pest Control, a family-owned company serving California since 1950, is a proud sponsor of CCOF, offering complete NOP-compliant service solutions including third party audit preparation and assistance.

(209) 371-0758


Crop Production Services (CPS)

Crop Production Services-West Region is a full service, agricultural retail company. With 30 staffed retail locations in California, their licensed Pest Control Advisors are available to assist organic growers maximize their yields and profits. CPS provides their customers with Crop Protection Products, Crop Nutrition, Seed and Service.

(831) 763-4533

Inocucor develops powerful natural biological products targeting the phyto-microbiome–the seeds, plants, root systems and the soil surrounding them. Inocucor uses its proprietary microbial consortia technology to combine beneficial bacteria and yeasts into powerful soil and plant boosters that are economical for growers, and safe for people and the environment.

(720) 543-0350


Marrone Bio Innovations

Marrone Bio Innovations provides solutions to complex pest management challenges facing growers today. Our unique biopesticide products drive value by controlling pests, improving plant health, and maximizing crop yields. Growers receive environmentally responsible, efficacious products that are not harmful to workers , food, beneficials and pollinators. To discover the value of biopesticides, please visit

(530) 750-2800


Oro Agri, Inc.

ORO AGRI develops and manufactures products for various agricultural and commercial applications. These products fall under the organic or environmentally friendly categories. ORO AGRI products either have no or very short re-entry and pre-harvest intervals and are an advantage in meeting residue requirements.

(866) 634-6986
Promotora Técnica Industrial, S.A. de C.V.

Known as PTI, it has 14 years of experience in the production of Organic Inputs (OMRI/Bioagricert) for the management of pests, diseases and plant nutrition with the highest quality and environmentally friendly with attractive cost - benefit. Company certified in ISO 9001: 2015.

Rincon-Vitova Insectaries

Biological Solutions for Pest Management since 1950: Guaranteed fresh quality beneficial insect, mite and nematode predators and parasites, fly control programs, including filth and Nzi fly traps, ant bait systems, botanical and microbial pesticides, inoculants for microbial diversity and plant growth, and DVAC Vacuum Insect Nets.

(800) 248-2847



Seed Dynamics Incorporated

An innovative vegetable seed treatment company supplying organic compliant seed to the organic produce industry. If you have certified organic vegetable crops to grow, Seed Dynamics has the organic compliant seed coatings and treatments for you. Our raw materials are all sourced, mined and refined in the United States.

(831) 424-1177
The Catalyst Product Group

The Catalyst Product Group is a manufacturer of humates (humic and fulvic acid extracts), mined mineral extractions, organic fertilizers, cotton harvest aids, organic fungicides, and all natural nematicides.

(888) 814-8318
Valent U.S.A. Corporation

Valent U.S.A. Corporation offers a wide range of organic solutions to improve and protect crops. The Valent Organic portfolio helps growers produce high-quality crops while still meeting National Organic Program (NOP) standards. We’re also committed to developing products that meet Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing qualifications.

Vitiseal International, LLC

VitiSeal™ - Revolutionary natural sealer containing NOP approved ingredients. Creates protective, resistant barrier over typical entry point for grapevine canker diseases (e.g., Eutypa Lata, Botryosphaeria Canker). Only "Biological/Natural Control" ranked 4 stars "excellent and consistent" for grapevines and cherries by UCIPM. Natural and mineral composition, so suitable for organic/biodynamic growers.

(619) 239-0321




Westbridge has been a leading manufacturer of specialty liquid fertilizers and crop protection products since 1982. From its Organic TRIGGRR® and Organic BioLink® lineup to Blossom Protect™ and Botector® biocontrol products, Westbridge provides a portfolio of high quality sustainable inputs designed to meet every grower's crop production needs.

(800) 876-2767
Wilbur-Ellis Company

Wilbur-Ellis Company addresses crop challenges and individual grower needs with tailored solutions in crop protection, nutrition and associated services. We maintain a full network of licensed field specialists who live in the regions they serve. With our advanced earth‐friendly operations, we offer solutions that produce the best returns.