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Germains Seed Technology

Founded in 1871, Germains Seed Technology develops innovative industry-leading conventional and organic seed solutions, specializing in Priming, Pelleting, Filmcoating and Health. Working in collaboration with our experienced R&D and Commercial team, you’ll discover our ability to focus squarely on your needs, provide better outcomes, so you can maximize nature’s potential.

(408) 848-8120
Johnny's Selected Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is an employee-owned seed catalog company serving home gardeners and commercial growers since 1973. We offer vegetable, flower, herb, cover crop/farm seed, and tools and supplies.

(207) 861-3900



Pacific Northwest Organics

Pacific Northwest Organics produces locally sourced high-grade organic kelp and fish products for both plants and soil for agriculture and gardeners alike. PNW kelp and fish are harvested at their peak seasons producing high yielding growing results. Processed through an energy efficient system – making the best products for the world.

(707) 954-3352


Priority Seed Production LLC

We at Priority pride ourselves in knowing we provide the very best in seed production for you and your farm needs. Our team is dedicated to the care and cultivation of seed so you have comfort in knowing that what you plant will bring great results.

(928) 726-2996
Seed Dynamics Incorporated

An innovative vegetable seed treatment company supplying organic compliant seed to the organic produce industry. If you have certified organic vegetable crops to grow, Seed Dynamics has the organic compliant seed coatings and treatments for you. Our raw materials are all sourced, mined and refined in the United States.

(831) 424-1177
Vitalis Organic Seeds

Vitalis Organic Seeds is the #1 organic seed company in protected and field crop varieties of tomato, pepper, cucumber, spinach, squash, lettuce and babyleaf segments. Our organic variety assortment of vegetable and herb seeds provide organic growers exactly what they need: high quality organic seed in the varietal assortment and quantities desired.

(831) 754-2300