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Pests & Pesticides

CCOF’s policy team works on issues including invasive pest policy and more.

Pests & Pesticides

CCOF’s policy team works on related issues, including:

Invasive pests: With an increasingly global society and due to changing climate, invasive pests are finding their way into the state. This threatens the livelihoods of local farmers, California native plant and animal species, and the environment. CCOF works with public agencies to ensure that eradication efforts include organic options and don’t threaten farmers’ organic status due to large-scale pesticide spraying. CCOF staff also participate on various pest management advisory boards.

Materials listing on the National List: CCOF participates in the twice-annual review of materials allowed in organic production by gathering information from certification staff and CCOF-certified members and submitting public comment on materials.

Statewide Plant Pest Policy: CCOF engages with California’s Dept. of Food and Agriculture to ensure that state policy is to consider organic alternatives when requiring farmers to prevent spread of crop pests or diseases.


Campaign lead contact:

Rebekah Weber

CCOF Director Of Policy