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CCOF Chapters


All CCOF certified clients automatically become members when they get certified. Members belong to one of 14 chapters based on their geographic region. All CCOF certified processors belong to a single chapter regardless of location.

About the Chapter

CCOF began certifying organic operations in México around 2002. Organic production in the country expanded rapidly after México created an Organic Products Law in 2006. CCOF created the México chapter in 2015 in response to a grower petition. Organic growers in México are known for growing berries, winter vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, and subtropical crops including mangos, guavas, dates, coconuts, and avocados. Chapter members also include packer-shipper and fruit drying operations.

The México chapter leaders are:

  • Andrés Amezcua, Frutos Orgánicos San Rafael, President
  • Paola A. Guerrero, JV Agro S de RL de CV, Vice President
  • Gabriela Cabrera Barron, Intebaj S.A.P.I. de C.V., Secretary
  • Esteban Macias Padilla, Comercializadora G.A.B., S.A. de C.V. Board Representative

Chapter Contact

Andrés Amezcua