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V2.0 Winery Profile

Describe your winery and wine-making process. Attach co-packer/processor certificates to this form. Note that each location that handle wine in any way must be certified, including aging, topping, blending, bottling, de-alcoholization, kegging, and other processes.

Processor or Handler Organic System Plan
V2.1 Wine and Label Approval

Use this form to request label review for each specific wine (vintage, varietal, blend) that you would like listed on your organic certificate. Attach labels to this form. Note that TTB requires certifier approval on labels along with a copy of your organic certificate listing the specific wine.

Processor or Handler Organic System Plan
W1.0 Activities Checklist for Wild Crops

This helpful checklist directs you to only the forms applicable to your business activities.

Grower Organic System Plan
W2.0 Wild Crops

Tell us about your wild crop harvesting practices.

Grower Organic System Plan
WFA Briefing Papers

WFA Briefing Papers

Grower, Livestock producer Helpful documents or flyer
What to Expect After Inspection

Learn about what happens after your organic inspection and what steps you may need to take to complete the inspection and review process.

Grower, Livestock producer, Processor or Handler Helpful documents or flyer
Wire Transfer Payment Instructions

Instructions for making a payment via wire transfer.

Grower, Livestock producer, Processor or Handler Instructions