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Plan now for a future where organic is the norm.

About Planned Giving

By remembering the CCOF Foundation in your will and trusts, you are supporting our programs and organic producers for years to come. The CCOF Foundation also accepts gifts from Donor Advised funds (DAF).

Including a bequest to the CCOF Foundation in your will and trusts allows for your estate to contribute to the future of organic farming for generations to come. Including clear bequest language in your will and trusts allows you or your heirs to:

  • Name the CCOF Foundation as a charitable organization receiving your gift.
  • Ensure simple, timely distribution of your assets.
  • Reduce taxes and other expenses associated with settling an estate.
  • Give a specific dollar amount from your estate or a percentage of your estate’s remainder value. (Download a letter of intent for one donor or two donors.)

How to Include the CCOF Foundation in Your Will or Trust

The following language can be easily included in your will or trust during your estate planning process. Fill in the blanks and include the amount of your preferred type of donation (either a specified dollar amount or a percentage of your estate value).

“I ___[name]___, of ___[city, state ZIP]___, give, devise and bequeath the sum of $_________ or _________ percent of my estate to the CCOF Foundation, a nonprofit institution incorporated in the State of California with a business address of 2155 Delaware Ave., Suite 150, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 and a tax identification number 30-0106255 for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

Already Included the CCOF Foundation in Your Estate Plans?

Thank you! Please share the details with us of your generous bequest by sending us a letter of intent. This allows us to thank you for your generosity, while also helping us plan for the future.

You can complete one of the template letters above and send it via email to, or mail to us at 2155 Delaware Avenue, Suite 150, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Your letter of intent will remain confidential, and has no legal authority over your estate.

Want More Information?

We are happy to help you recognize the CCOF Foundation in your will and trusts. Please contact the CCOF Foundation at for assistance.