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AgroThrive Fertilizer Donation to CCOF Grantees

by Brian Coltrin |

(Agrothrive Organic Liquid Fertilzer courtesy of Agrothrive website. Martha Lemus OTP grantee 2023)

AgroThrive donated 275 gallons of fertilizer to CCOF’s Organic Transition grantees on September 12, 2023, ahead of their Get One Give One Campaign for National Ag Week 2024. 

The AgroThrive liquid fertilizer donation will provide transitioning farmers with balanced fertility for their crops to help them achieve increased yields and contribute to their success as they navigate organic farming. With good fertility comes good soil and crop health, which contributes to agricultural resiliency. CCOF is grateful to AgroThrive for their donation and collaboration in helping ensure the success of farmers transitioning to organic. 

During National Ag Week 2024, which will occur from March 17 to 23, 2024, AgroThrive will match every gallon purchased on their website,, with a gallon that will be given to CCOF’s Organic Transition grantees. 

Please visit for more information.