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AgroThrive Supports ALBA Farmers

by Shawna Rodgers |

In honor of National Agriculture Week, longtime CCOF Foundation supporter AgroThrive partnered with its home gardening community to support up-and-coming farmers with a donation of more than 300 gallons of its unique liquid organic fertilizer. Between March 21 and 28, for every purchase of liquid organic fertilizer made on, the company donated the same amount to the organic farmers-in-training at the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA).

“Matching [the] flurry of [home gardeners’] purchases, we are able to donate more than 300 gallons of liquid organic fertilizer to the farmers learning to farm organically at ALBA,” said AgroThrive Chief Marketing Officer Marko Macura. The donation was enough to cover 30 acres of farmland. Many ALBA growers farm quarter- and half-acre plots, so this donation will go a long way to support soil and crop health at their operation in the Salinas Valley.

ALBA, a nonprofit organic agriculture incubator, offers on-farm education in organic farming practices, helps startup farms take root and grow, and provides access to food and education for farmers with limited resources. “The future of farming depends on dedicated people choosing agriculture as a career,” said AgroThrive President Will Daniels. “We have a great appreciation for the work ALBA does to support up-and coming organic farmers with training, tools, and land.”

The fertilizer donation comes just on the heels of the CCOF Foundation committing multi-year grant funding to several ALBA farmers who seek to become organic farm owners. Learn more about these and other education and grantmaking initiatives at the CCOF Foundation website.