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Amplify Your Impact–Last Chance Have Your Donation Matched

by Guest Blogger |

Organic farmers keep our families and communities fed with healthy, nutritious food, but they also do so much more. Through their work, organic farmers are also contributing to the fight against climate change, helping our economy recover, and solving health inequities. Even when times are hard, organic farmers continue in their commitment to keep food on our tables. 

Now is the time to repay that commitment by donating to our Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund, which gives financial support to organic farmers in times of need. Every dollar of your donation goes to a farmer who needs help. Don’t delay—this is your last chance to have your donation matched by Santa Cruz Gives through December 31! 

Hardship assistance grants truly make a difference for farmers recovering from natural disasters, personal hardship, and other financial losses out of their control. Thank you for your support!