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Anonymous Donor Expands CCOF’s Organic Transitions Program

by Shawna Rodgers |
Organic Transition program. Their most recent donation (thank you, whoever you are!) has enabled us to expand this program and reach even more small producers who want to invest in regenerative practices and expand their certified organic acreage. 

At the beginning of 2023, the CCOF Foundation enrolled eight new farmer grantees in our Organic Transition program, guaranteeing them each $10,000 for three years of consecutive funding for their investment in certified organic farming. These farmers, like others in previous cohorts, are also granted access to mentorship and technical assistance to ensure their success as organic producers. 

Our newest cohort sells their produce primarily at local farmers markets as well as to local restaurants in the greater Monterey region, enabling the farm-to-table movement to gain momentum as people get more comfortable with returning to restaurants and shared dining experiences. Our Organic Transition grants not only provide financial support for these farmers, but also ensure the communities they feed will have access to reliable organic produce each week. 

During a post-pandemic era that rattled how consumers source their food, the CCOF Foundation is proud to invest in local supply chains that increase access to healthy, organic foods. On behalf of our farmers and the communities they feed, we thank all our partners for your continued support.

To learn more about the CCOF Foundation’s Organic Transition program or to get involved as a donor, please contact Shawna Rodgers at