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Bonterra Joins Meluka Honey and Farm Aid to Support Organic Farmers in Need

by Shawna Rodgers |
Bonterra is the latest in a group of businesses to support organic farmers who have suffered from the 2020 wildfires and COVD-19 pandemic. Many small and medium-sized organic farms experienced disruptions in supply chains due to farmers’ market closures and significantly reduced demand from the food service industry. With restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses closing, many producers had to completely reinvent their business models, and then dealt with COVID-related illnesses or wildfires to boot. 
During the giving season, Bonterra stepped up and offered the CCOF Foundation a product-percentage sales donation. For every bottle of wine sold on Giving Tuesday, Bonterra donated $1 to the Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund. All donations to this fund go directly to support certified organic farmers and producers in need. In 2020, applications for Bricmont Hardship Assistance grants quadrupled after the chaotic year affected farmers’ health and businesses across the nation. 
CCOF expects a similar number of applications for the coming round of hardship assistance in 2021, and we are grateful to Bonterra, Meluka Honey, Farm Aid, and our other Foundation donors for supporting these valuable programs. 
Learn more about the Hardship Assistance grant: