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CCOF Certification Services Fee Update

by April Vasquez |

Effective January 1, 2021, the one-time administrative fee for adding a new product or service will increase to $100 per item. Each individual product formula and brand is considered one product. Label or formula changes for existing products are reviewed for no additional fee. 

CCOF may charge a reduced rate of $100 for up to three single ingredient products with the same brand or three brands for the same single ingredient product. Fee reduction is at the sole discretion of CCOF and only applies to products received simultaneously. For addition of more than 25 new products at one time, CCOF may charge fees per the “Adding products or services” section of the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual . Private Label Name and Seal Use fees also apply to products produced for Private Label Owners who are not certified by CCOF Certification Services. This fee increase reflects the necessary staffing that these updates require and ensures we can meet service expectations.