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CCOF Gives Over $1,000,000 in 2023

by Jessy Beckett Parr |

We at the CCOF Foundation are celebrating a year of giving and growth. Here are four ways the CCOF Foundation made a difference to the organic community in 2023.

  1. Launched the USDA West/Southwest Regional Center for Organic Transition! 

    Together with 30 regional partners, we reached thousands of producers throughout the West and Southwest with education, mentorship, and technical assistance. CCOF led this effort with support from the National Organic Program. 


  2. Granted over $750,000 in hardship assistance to dozens of organic farmers and ranchers suffering extreme climate-related hardship.


  3. Supported farmers transitioning to organic with $200,000 in grants! 

    The Foundation granted 20 farmers $10,000 each to support their organic transition; in 2024, we’ll add another 57 farmers to this program! 


  4. Supported Future Organic Farmers with $125,000 in scholarships!  

    As Shelia Wambui, a 2023 grantee, states, “I want to continue in those same footsteps [as my family] with the understanding that becoming an organic farmer can be challenging … It is also a rewarding path that allows me to make a positive impact on the environment and provide healthy food for my loved ones and our community.”

We are grateful to our huge community of certified organic members, donors, and partners who helped us reach thousands of participants through education and grant-making in 2023. 

Happy holidays and we look forward to another year of giving in 2024!