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CCOF Inspection Services – Here to Help!

by Laura Mathias |

CCOF’s five-person inspection operations team works together to manage CCOF’s 4,000 inspections annually. Inspection supervisors work with inspectors and clients to assign and manage regional inspection operations, ensuring CCOF inspections are performed on time and are cost effective. The inspection operations team works with a group of nearly 65 inspectors to assign inspections, manage the process, and ensure client and organizational needs are met. Inspection operations are a core function in the organization, responsible for ensuring incoming workload is manageable and client needs are met at all times, even when an add acreage or new facility inspection is needed immediately.

This hardworking team oversees a massive geographic area while working to minimize travel, maximize efficiency, and control costs. All of this occurs while also ensuring that inspections happen at appropriate times to meet the NOP expectations and client preferences whenever possible.

Inspection supervisors also participate in inspector training, calibration, oversight, and recruitment. We are extremely proud of our team, made up of Sean Feder, Elizabeth Whitlow, Kari Murray, Becky Witty, and, now, Jamie Carr.

Inspection Supervisors work hand in hand with Certification Service Specialists to meet client needs. You can identify which CCOF employees are assigned to your organization by reviewing recent letters or visiting the “Service Rep” tab in MyCCOF.

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