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CCOF Launches “Organic is Non-GMO & More” Seal

by Jon Knapp |

To support the needs of CCOF clients who wish to clearly communicate to consumers that organic products are not only non-GMO but also farmed ecologically, CCOF has produced new optional seals for use by CCOF-certified members. CCOF’s existing seal will also remain viable.

No additional requirements must be met by CCOF certified operations wishing to use the new seals. They may be used in any setting or for certified organic product labels where use of the existing CCOF seal is authorized. As always, new labels should be submitted to CCOF for approval. The new seals reaffirm CCOF’s commitment to GMO issues in organic production and standards.


CCOF has a strong position shared by many on genetic engineering in agriculture. CCOF believes organic production is the strongest solution to this issue and is implementing this new seal to provide clarity to consumers on a topic that is often misunderstood. Organic is non-GMO, but also provides additional environmental and social benefits that matter to modern consumers.

CCOF will continue to perform GMO testing within our NOP certification program and will remain engaged on organic standards issues relating to GMOs at the national level. CCOF’s current policy positon on GMOs can be viewed at

CCOF is proud of the efforts that CCOF-certified organic operations put forth to farm in harmony with nature and without the use of GMOs. These new seals support your ability to communicate these values and attributes clearly and concisely. To download the new seal, visit our media room and download CCOF logos.

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