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Documenting New and Transitioning Parcels

by Rachel Witte |

Operations are required to update their Organic System Plan (OSP) regarding changes that can affect their compliance, such as new land managed by the operation. However, many farms implement transition of conventional ground or begin managing new ground without including it in their OSP or inspections.

All transitioning parcels and new ground should be added to your certification as soon as possible to ensure appropriate inspections and verification of practices, and to alleviate the need for costly, last-minute inspections.

All land under your management and in the 36-month transition that is planned to achieve full organic certification must be disclosed, included in your system plan, and inspected annually. This will ensure that any potential issues are identified early, you achieve certification when it’s required, and the full scope of your operation is appropriately included in the CCOF certification program.

Providing new parcels early will also help CCOF plan cost-effective inspections that group all parcels. If you currently have parcels in transition that you have not previously submitted, please submit appropriate additional acreage documentation as soon possible. Please address all new land at your next inspection.