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Enrollment Now Open: University of California Agroecology Field Quarter, Summer 2024

The enrollment period for Agroecology Field Quarter is now open and will take place July 8 through August 23, 2024. The Agroecology Field Quarter is a full-time, seven-week residential and traveling course that will have a maximum cohort of 25 students. Enrollment is open to all University of California (UC) campus students and students from outside the UC as well.

The whole seven-week period is meant to be a field study, based mostly in hands-on experiential learning activities on the land, with visits to academics; farmers; and community-based organizations that are leading agroecology research, extension, and farming operations.

Additional course and instructors details can be found online.

If you are enrolled in or have already completed 130A/L or 130C during the academic year, please contact ENVS Undergraduate Advisor Cassie Isaacson ( or Damian Parr ( for more information on accommodations to these circumstances. You will be able to enroll, but an exception to policy and a revision to your academic plan will need to be made.

Weekly Schedule:

The land-based, practice-focused, in-person program runs Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with the remaining time dedicated to unstructured discussions, readings, and assignments. Some travel will occur on weekends. In-person participation in the entire seven-weeks of residential travel is required. Accommodations will be made for missing instructional time for medical, spiritual, and family necessities. Housing arrangements will prioritize individual student’s needs for privacy and safety. The course welcomes Disability Resource Center accommodations. For questions regarding accommodations, please contact Damian Parr (

Program Schedule: July 8 through Aug 23

4 weeks on the farm at UCSC and surrounding regional community-based organizations and farms

1 week in the Fresno area at Agricultural Experiment Station and at regional community-based organizations and farms

1 week in theand at regional community-based organizations and farms

1 week in the East Bay and Student Farms and at regional community-based organizations and farms


Enrollment is by application and by permission of the instructor. Please fill out the application at the link below. The application is not intended to exclude, but rather to inform instructors on how to best support students’ learning.

Cost of Program:

A course fee of $2,740 covers the cost of seven weeks of housing, food, transportation, and instructional supplies.

Summer Session charges tuition and campus fees for the first 10 units, totaling $3,132. The remaining seven units are free of cost. If you are taking additional courses over the summer, those are also free of cost after 10 units.

The total cost of course fees, tuition, and campus fees is $5,872.

The program application can be found online.

For more information, please feel free to contact Damian Parr at


This article was written by Hanali Lopez-Tapia on behalf of UC Santa Cruz Agroecology Field Quarter Program.

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