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Food and Agricultural Workers Now Eligible for COVID Vaccine in California and Other States

by Jane Sooby |

Though the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends prioritizing food and agricultural workers for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine by placing them in the phase 1B eligibility tier, states vary in prioritizing these workers.

According to an article in the Insurance Journal, some states are elevating the elderly and other essential workers over food and agricultural workers.

For information on vaccine availability in your state, visit the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine webpage and select your state in the box labeled “How Do I Get a Vaccine?” For information on vaccines in California, visit California’s vaccine webpage.

Since California entered phase 1B of vaccine eligibility in late February, some farms have hosted vaccine clinics for their workers, and some counties have made vaccines available through mobile clinics and community vaccination sites. However, a recent Cal Matters article reports that demand for farmworker vaccinations currently exceeds supply. This bottleneck may be resolved by the end of March when vaccine manufacturers are expected to ship millions of doses across the country.

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