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Help Advance Organic-Supporting Bills Through the California Assembly!

by Rebekah Weber |

CCOF-sponsored bills AB 1870 and AB 2499 are headed to the California Assembly floor this week. Ask your assemblymember to vote “yes” on AB 1870 and AB 2499. Click here to find out who your assemblymember is.

AB 1870, authored by Assemblymember Mark Stone, supports California food processors by streamlining the registration process and creating more transparency in the Department of Public Health’s oversight of organic processors. 

AB 2499, authored by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, creates an Organic Transition Program to provide underserved farmers with financial and technical assistance to transition to organic. It also requires a statewide market analysis to help current and future farmers understand the market landscape.

At the May 19th hearing, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee passed both AB 1870 and AB 2499. Both bills are now headed to the floor to be voted on by the full Assembly. Help us advance this critical support for organic farmers and processors! Contact your assemblymember today.

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