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Match Bonterra Organic Vineyards to support Future Organic Farmers in Pennsylvania!

by Laura Mathias |

Abby Klinger is a Future Organic Farmer grant recipient based in Pennsylvania.

From April 1 through April 30 of 2021, Bonterra Organic Vineyards will match every donation from Pennsylvanian residents to the CCOF Future Organic Farmer program up to $10,000, directly supporting the next generation of organic producers in Pennsylvania!

CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer program has supported the education of many students in Pennsylvania by providing financial assistance to high school and vocational students who are pursuing organic farming. As many farmers are reaching retirement age, this program addresses the growing need for a new generation of skilled organic professionals.

With support from the CCOF Foundation, Pennsylvania student Abby Klinger grew sunflowers to make organic, preservative-free sunflower oil. Her Future Organic Farmer grant enabled her to purchase a hand-cranked oil press. In addition to growing the flowers and making the oil,  Klinger also educated her community the health benefits of organic sunflower oil.

Visit our site to learn more about the Future Organic Farmer program.

CCOF currently certifies 12 organic producers in Pennsylvania. Check out the map below to see where CCOF is advancing organic in Pennsylvania!

Generous donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses like Bonterra Organic Vineyards enable the CCOF Foundation to support organic producers.

Bonterra Organic Vineyards is a leader in organic and biodynamic production. Long before organic produce filled the shelves of neighborhood groceries, the dedicated team at Bonterra was committed to organic and biodynamic farming because they passionately believe that farms teeming with biodiversity—vines, insects, wildlife, and healthy soils—yield organic grapes that produce better wines. Visit their site to learn more about Bonterra.

The CCOF Foundation is a nonprofit organization governed by the people who grow and make our food. Founded in California more than 40 years ago, today CCOF has roots spanning the breadth of North America, and our presence is internationally recognized. We are supported by an organic family of farmers, ranchers, processors, retailers, consumers, and policymakers.

Please consider making a matching donation and supporting Future Organic Farmers! Together, we can continue to cultivate organic farming in Pennsylvania and cultivate a world where organic is the norm!

All donations to this program are tax-deductible using tax identification number 30-0106255.