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Recordkeeping Tools – Maintaining Detailed Records

by Jon Knapp |

NOP requirements state that all certified operations must maintain detailed records. These records must fully disclose all activities and transactions, and demonstrate compliance with the regulations in sufficient detail as to be readily understood and audited. CCOF has developed a collection of sample forms and worksheets to help you maintain compliance with organic standards, and help ensure your continued certification with CCOF. Visit our Recordkeeping Tools page to download helpful templates to make your recordkeeping as easy as possible.

We have sample forms tailored to fit the needs of all types of operations, including the sample seed commercial availability search record and the natural flavor affidavit. All of our forms are easily editable in Microsoft Word, allowing you to edit the form to best fit your needs.

A sampling of audit trail forms are also available to help you demonstrate the harvest, purchase, and use of your organic products. These forms can prepare you for your annual inspections, where Inspectors will verify that audit trails sufficiently demonstrate the quantity of finished product that was produced, shipped and sold. Visit the Recordkeeping Tools page today and establish a recordkeeping system for maximum efficiency and ease!