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Survey: Extreme Weather from University of California Cooperative Extension Small Farms Network

by Hanali Lopez-Tapia |

Survey Link:

Unpredictable climate conditions, including drought and flooding, will continue to impact California agriculture. The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Small Farms Network is conducting an extreme weather survey to document challenges small-scale farms in California experienced during the drought in 2022 and recent flooding in 2023, as well as potential future challenges.

How has your farm or ranch been affected by extreme weather events such as flooding or drought?

What kind of support do you need if extreme weather events continue?

Your input helps the UCCE Small Farms Network inform policy efforts and direct-to-farmer grant programs assisting small-scale farms during extreme weather events, such as the recent drought relief funding packages in the 2022 state budget (see links from Community Alliance with Family Farmers and California Climate and Agriculture Network for more details).

Enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to the farm supply store of your choosing!

Not sure if your farm is considered small scale? Click to begin the survey and see the list of criteria in the first question.

Survey responses will be anonymous and will have no identifying information attached to the information you share.

UCCE Small Farms would like to thank you for your time and for helping to tell the story of how California’s small farms are impacted by drought, flooding, and other extreme weather challenges. Your stories directly help inform policy and grant programs.

Feel free to contact the UCCE Small Farms Team at or reach out to the Small Farm Advisor in your region with any questions.


This article was written by Hanali Lopez-Tapia on behalf of UCCE Small Farms Network.

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