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Taylor Brothers Farms Gives Back to the CCOF Foundation

by Shawna Rodgers |

Photo: John Taylor, co-owner of Taylor Brothers Farms

While prunes may not be #trending the way we’ve seen kale, sweet potatoes, or açai trend in recent years, prunes have reclaimed their status as a superfood in farmers’ markets across the globe. Prunes provide countless benefits for their consumers. With more antioxidants than blueberries, prunes slow and prevent aging; help your cells recover from oxidative stress (think: work deadlines); and may even prevent diabetes, obesity, and bone loss. Prunes are full of your body’s much needed vitamins and minerals, and they also help maintain a healthy digestive tract. 

The CCOF Foundation is so lucky to have the support of Taylor Brothers Farms, and we have their prunes to thank. Here’s what Taylor Brothers Farms had to say about why they give back a portion of their profits to the CCOF Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to educating and training the next generation of organic producers.

“Taylor Brothers Farms supports the CCOF Foundation because CCOF supports us. Through a family of organic farms and with the support of organic consumers, CCOF advocates for organic policy, educates consumers on why organic products are better than conventional products, and offers a certification that sets high standards for organic growing practices. CCOF helps establish and promote our commitment to quality.”

The CCOF Foundation is grateful and excited to be the beneficiaries of Taylor Brothers Farms’ generosity. In addition to keeping our bodies happy and healthy, prunes are also (indirectly) preparing the next generation of organic producers to keep our soil and our world healthy!

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