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Zero Foodprint Restore Grant Program

by Guest Blogger |

Farmers and ranchers across California are encouraged to apply to Zero Foodprint’s Restore Grant Program. The grant facilitates regenerative farming projects by providing grantees up to $25,000 for practices that sequester carbon, such as compost, cover cropping, prescribed grazing, and other regenerative practices.

Zero Foodprint believes that by regenerating soil, local food systems can play a part in reversing the global climate crisis. By creating an economic connection from consumers and businesses back to farmers and ranchers, we can restore soil health and sequester carbon. A regenerative economy benefits every person who grows food, every person who sells food, and every person on this planet who eats food. 

Grants are awarded on the basis of cost effectiveness for the projected carbon sequestration of the project, with boosts provided to historically underserved growers and growers in the supply chains of our member businesses. This round, Zero Foodprint will be distributing up to $250,000 in California. More information on eligibility, approved practices, and how to get started is available at

Questions about the application? Watch this video tutorial and sign up for the webinar on June 15. 

For compost-only projects, consider signing up for Zero Foodprint’s Compost Connector program, which provides discounts on compost orders from CalRecycle-approved facilities so you can spread more and pay less. More information is available at