What is the renewal process?

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Renewal to the certification program happens in January, annually. Clients are sent a certification renewal contract and an invoice for annual fees in November which are due January 1.

  • The Annual Certification Renewal Contract requires the following information to be submitted to CCOF:
  • Updates on any pending requests for information or noncompliance issues.
  • Updated OSP, detailing any deviations from, changes to, modifications to, or other amendments made to the previous year’s OSP, and any additions or deletions intended to be undertaken in the coming year, as applicable; and
  • Payment of the annual certification fee(s) per Section 4.3 Annual Certification Fee.

When all the required documentation is complete and verified to be compliant with applicable standards, CCOF will notify the Client that the renewal is complete and will, within a reasonable time, arrange and conduct the annual on-site inspection. Clients who fail to complete the Continuation of Certification requirements by the specified due date will be charged a late fee for each Notice of Noncompliance or Proposed Suspension issued.