Share Your Ideas: “Radio Organic” Seeking Organic Community Input for Future Broadcasts

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Written by Meaghan Donovan on Monday, November 8, 2021

As we wrap up our first “Radio Organic” podcast series, we would love to hear your ideas for future broadcasts. What topics would you like us to explore in future episodes?

Series One Recap

In our first series, we looked at direct marketing strategies for farms that sell directly to consumers.

In episode one, we heard from Joe Schirmer of Dirty Girl Produce on he how completely transformed the way he manages his farm’s sales and invoicing systems. 

In episode two, we learned about all things mushroom from Far West Fungi, as well as how the company leverages their direct marketing outlets to keep tabs on market trends, test out new products, and educate consumers.

For our third episode, we heard from Patricia Rodriguez of Rodriguez Farms on how their farmers’ market customers urged them to go organic and stuck by them as their farm figured out on their own how to grow super tasty organic strawberries.

And for our final episode in the series, we chatted with Bertha Magaña of Magaña Farm and Tania Zuñiga of Kitchen Table Advisors to discover how selling directly to consumers strengthened Magaña Farm’s business and community. 

Share Your Ideas for Future Podcast Guests and Topics

“Radio Organic” is a podcast by and for the organic community. Have a great idea for a guest speaker? Know someone who would be a superb visiting podcast host? Have a topic you’d love to hear about on “Radio Organic”? Let us know! Send us your ideas via this feedback survey. Your feedback will greatly inform us as we develop future series.

Thanks again for listening! We look forward to being on-air in the future, bringing organic conversations from the field to your ears.