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Founded in 1980 with tomatoes as our main crop, we have grown with a shifting perspective on farming that is focused more on an environmentally sensitive attitude. We now grow a variety of crops including, but not limited to rice, corn, and lettuce. Although our crops have expanded, our commitment to providing tasty and healthy food with respect to the soil and surrounding environment remain key in providing the best flavor, aroma, appearance, and feel that our produce is known for.

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Certification: ROC Social Welfare
Status: Certified
Date: 06/20/22

Certification: ROC Soil
Status: Certified
Date: 06/20/22

Certification: Handling
Status: Surrendered
Date: 05/13/15

Certification: US/Canada Equivalence
Status: Withdrawn
Date: 04/04/19

Certification: USDA NOP
Status: Certified
Date: 04/30/95

Certification: Crops
Status: Certified
Date: 04/30/95

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